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Why choose bwadl?

Centralized View

All your banking operations in a single platform.


Full Control

Maintain control over your company operations.



State of the art security protections around the clock.


Centralized view



Consolidate your company cash balances and transactions with different banks in one interface.


Make domestic, international and bill payments from your connected accounts with ease.

Letter of Guarantee

Experience the full digital transformation of the Letter of Guarantees as a bank, applicant or beneficiary.

Coming soon


Put your company’s extra cash to good use and invest in the future with ease using connected accounts.


Gain real-time visibility across multiple entities under your custody, and manage all your subsidiaries in a seamless and efficient manner.

Custom Spaces

Group companies with joined financial statements and operations to tailor your view according to your business needs.

Full control


Create custom roles and assign relevant permissions to the users under your organization.


Build custom workflows for any business process, support internal segregation of duties and protect business operations through advanced approval mechanisms.


Define boundaries for your staff and set limits around their business rules.


Only KYC’d Users

During user onboarding, KYC (Know Your Customer) process is followed. Only authenticated users have access to the platform.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Various secure login protocols are used to protect the access to company data. Such as OTP, Soft Token and Email Authentication.

Action Logging

Advanced auditing mechanisms to monitor user activities and enforce internal governance.

Company Defined Policies

Have the ability to restrict domains, whitelist users, and apply company policies.

Approval Workflows

Enforce segregation of duties with approval workflows and user controls to protect entities operations.


Is bwadl licensed and regulated?
As a company, how can we integrate with banks through bwadl?
Is corporate data encrypted and secured under bwadl?
Is bwadl secure to make a payment?
Which banks do you support?
How do I register with bwadl?

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