Letter of Guarantee

Automate the full life cycle of the Letter Of Guarantee and enable corporates & banks to exchanges LG actions online.

Digital Operations

Streamlining and digitizing LGs from issuance to settlement or expiry.


Minimizing the risk of disputes and fraud through complete transparency at every step.

Higher Efficiency

Speeding up the process by reducing complexity and prevent data-entry errors.


Quickly Issue and Receive LoG’s Digitally

Deliver Letter Of Guarantee from an issuing bank to the beneficiaries electronically.

Make an amendment on the fly to an existing LoG

Modify the Letter Of Guarantee upon the request of the applicant or beneficiary electronically.

Release or Confiscate LoGs with one simple click

Allows the beneficiary to release or confiscate a Letter Of Guarantee issued in its favor electronically.

Track and Overview your LG

Make an Inquiry about the Letter Of Guarantee information at any point of time .

Take control with a workflow.

Build and customize your Workflow for all your Letter Of Guarantee actions

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